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 +Return to [[Buddhist prayers and practices]]
 +== The Six-Session Guru Yoga ==
 +In my [[heart]] I turn to the [[Three Jewels]] of [[Refuge]],
 +May I free [[suffering]] [[creatures]] and place them in [[bliss]].
 +May the [[compassionate]] [[attitude|spirit]] of [[love]] grow within me.
 +That I might [[complete enlightenment|complete]] the [[enlightening path]].
 +==Other Forms==
 +* [[Extremely Abbreviated Six Session Guru Yoga]]
 +* [[Abbreviated Six Session Guru Yoga]]
 +* [[Full Length Six Session Guru Yoga]]
 +==See Also==
 +* [[Guru Devotion]]
 +* [[Samaya]]
 +[[Category:​Six Session Guru Yoga]]
 +Al I go for refuge, until I am Enlightened,​
 +To the Buddhas, the Dharma and the Highest Assembly.
 +From the virtuous merit that I collect
 +By practicing giving and other perfections,​
 +May I attain the state of a Buddha
 +To be able to benefit all sentient beings.
 +A2 May all sentient beings be parted from aversion and clinging, feeling close to some and distant from others.
 +May they win the bliss that is specially sublime.
 +May they find release from the ocean of unbearable sorrow.
 +And may they never be parted from Freedom'​s true joy.
 +A3 From this moment on, until I am a Buddha,
 +May I never give up, though my life be at stake,
 +The attitude wishing to gain Full Enlightenment
 +In order to free all sentient beings from the fears of samsara
 +And Nirvana'​s complacency.
 +A4 O Buddhas, Bodhisattvas,​ and Gurus please listen
 +To what I now say from the depths of my heart.
 +Just as all Buddhas of the past have developed
 +The thought of Enlightenment,​ true Bodhicitta,
 +Then practiced its stages of graded development
 +Following the trainings for all Buddha'​s Sons,
 +So may I too, for the sake of all beings,
 +Develop Bodhicitta and follow the trainings
 +Exactly as all Bodhisattvas have done.
 +A5 At this moment my life has become truly fruitful,
 +For, having attained an endowed human body,
 +Today I have developed the true Buddha essence, Bodhicitta,
 +And thus have become a child of the Buddhas.
 +A6 Applying now any skilled means whatsoever
 +May I always accord what I do with this essence
 +(And follow the actions of all Buddha'​s Children).
 +May I never confuse with this pure faultless essence
 +(Any teachings that lack this Enlightening Thought.)
 +A7 In the sky before me, on a breathtaking throne of jewels,
 +On a mandala seat of a lotus, a sun and full moon,
 +Sits my root Guru, the All pervading Vajradhara,
 +With a blue colored body, one face and two arms.
 +Holding vajra and bell, and embracing his duplicate consort,
 +He shines resplendent with all the marks of a Buddha,
 +Adorned with many dazzling jeweled ornaments,
 +Draped with fine garments of enchanting, heavenly scarves.
 +Even the mere remembrance of him dispels all my torment.
 +With a nature encompassing every supreme refuge,
 +He sits cross legged in the vajra position,
 +The three spots of his body marked with three letters.
 +Light beams forth from the HUM (at his heart) ​
 +And invokes Guru Vajradhara from his actual abode.
 +DZA HUM BAM HO. They (merge to) become non dual.
 +A8 I bow at your lotus feet,
 +Oh my jewel like Guru Vajradhara,
 +Your kindness heralds an instantaneous
 +Dawn of great bliss.
 +A9  OM I prostrate to the Bhagavan Lord of the  Brave Ones HUM HUM PHAT.
 +OM To you whose brilliance equals the fire that ends a great eon HUM HUM PHAT.
 +OM To you who have an inexhaustible crowning top knot HUM HUM PHAT.
 +OM To you with bared fangs and a wrathful face HUM HUM PHAT
 +OM To you with a thousand arms blazing with light HUM HUM PHAT.
 +OM To you who hold an ax, a hooded snake lasso, a spear and a skull staff HUM HUM PHAT.
 +OM To you who wear a tiger skin cloth HUM HUM PHAT
 + OM I bow to you whose great smoke colored body ends all obstructions HUM HUM PHAT.
 +OM I prostrate to the Bhagavati Vajra varahi HUM HUM PHAT.
 +OM To the Arya queen of the knowledge ladies who cannot be conquered by the Three Realms HUM HUM PHAT.
 +OM To you who destroy all fears of evil spirits with your great diamond like means HUM HUM PHAT.
 +OM To you who, sitting on the Diamond Throne, have the eye that empowers you not to be conquered by anyone HUM HUM PHAT.
 +OM To you whose wrathful body of psychic heat can desiccate Brahma HUM HUM PHAT.
 +OM To you who terrify and dry up the demons and thus can vanquish all other forces HUM HUM PHAT.
 +OM To you who triumph over all that can make you biting, stiff or bewildered HUM HUM PHAT.
 +OM I bow to Vajra varahi, the yogini with power over the desires HUM HUM PHAT.
 +A10 All the things I possess and what is not mine, 
 + What is actually placed here and what I mentally create, ​
 + I present you an ocean like cloud of these various offerings: ​
 + Outer, inner and secret.
 +A11 The body, speech and mind of myself and others,
 + Our wealth as well as our virtues amassed in the past, the present and the future,
 + An excellent jeweled mandala together with a mass of Samantabhadra'​s offerings—
 + I envision these all and present them to you, O my Guru, my Yidam and the Three Precious Gems.
 + Accepting these in your compassion, bestow on me waves of blessings.
 +A12 I humbly beseech you, my precious Guru, 
 + Just as the Buddhas of the three times and the ten directions have tamed (sentient beings), ​
 + You too enact the Buddha'​s deeds in countless realms, ​
 + Taking the form of a saffron robed monk.
 +A13 I humbly beseech you, my precious Guru, 
 + Esteemed by Vajradhara, for those of meager mind, 
 + As a field of merit more holy 
 + Than the endless circles of infinite Buddhas.
 +A14 Every supreme and mundane attainment
 + Follows upon pure devotion to you, my protector,
 + Seeing this I forsake my body and even my life,
 + Bless me to practice what will only please you.
 +BI Requested in this way, my supreme Guru
 + Comes to the crown of my head.
 +B2 Once more he gladly (merges with me),
 + We become of one taste. ​
 +B3 With the pride of being Vajrasattva ​
 +I embrace (my consort) Bhagavati ​
 +While holding a vajra and bell symbolic ​
 +Of the secret of Great Bliss simultaneous ​
 +With the secret of (Voidness) free from the mental fabrication of true existence.
 +B4 From this moment on, without any sense of loss,
 + I send forth my body, and likewise my wealth,
 + And my virtues amassed throughout the three times
 + In order to help all beings, my mothers.
 +B5 (For fully ordained monks only).
 +B6 Praising myself and belittling others;
 + Not sharing my wealth or the Dharma;
 + Not forgiving even if (others) apologize;
 + (Doubting and) denying the Mahayana;
 +Taking offerings intended for the Triple Gem;
 +Abandoning the Dharma (through sectarianism);​
 +Disrobing (monks or nuns);
 +(Committing) the five heinous crimes;
 +(Holding) distorted views;
 +Destroying places such as towns;
 +Teaching Voidness to those untrained;
 +Discouraging others from Full Enlightenment; ​
 +Causing others to break Pratimoksha vows; 
 +Belittling those who follow Hinayana; ​
 +Proclaiming false realizations (of Voidness); ​
 +Accepting gifts of what has been seized from the Triple Gem; 
 +Passing false judgment; ​
 +And giving up Bodhicitta—
 +These are the eighteen root (Bodhisattva) downfalls.
 +Not regarding these as detrimental, ​
 +Not forsaking the wish to repeat such behavior, ​
 +Delighting and taking pleasure in them, 
 +And having no shame or consideration, ​
 +Are the four binding factors which must all be present ​
 +For sixteen of these to be complete. ​
 +But for the other two, holding distorted views and giving up Bodhicitta, ​
 +These (four) are not needed. ​
 +I shall guard myself (from all these downfalls).
 +B7 Despising or belittling my Guru;
 +Disregarding any practice;
 +Speaking badly of my vajra brothers;
 +Abandoning love for any being;
 +Giving up wishing and engaging Bodhicitta;
 +Scorning the teachings of sutra or tantra;
 +Revealing secrets to those who are unripe;
 +Abusing my own aggregates;
 +Denying (or doubting) Voidness;
 +Remaining close to malevolent people; ​
 +Not recollecting the view (of Voidness);
 +Causing someone to lose his faith;
 +Not upholding my word of honor;
 +Despising women—
 +These are the fourteen root (tantric) downfalls.
 +I shall protect myself from them at the cost of my life.
 +B8 I shall abandon the four basic non virtues, as well as liquor and misbehavior;​
 +Devote myself to a holy, protecting Guru;
 +Treat my Dharma friends with respect;
 +Cultivate the ten virtuous actions;
 +Never withdraw from the Mahayana;
 +Avoid walking over or showing disrespect (to a sacred object);
 +All these (additional) pledges I shall honor.
 +B9 Relying upon an unqualified consort;
 +Sitting in union without the three recognitions;​
 +Showing secret substances to an unsuitable vessel;
 +Fighting or arguing at an offering ceremony;
 +Giving false answers to sincerely asked questions; ​
 +Staying more than a week in the home of a Shravaka; ​
 +Boasting that I am a yogi, although I am not; 
 +Teaching the sacred Dharma to those with no faith; ​
 +Conferring mandala rites without full preparation; ​
 +Needlessly breaking the Pratimoksha or Bodhicitta vows; 
 +Acting in contradiction to the teachings of The Fifty Verses of Guru Devotion ​
 +These are the secondary tantric transgressions,​ I shall guard myself from them in accordance with the rules.
 +B10 I shall perform all actions (first) with my left;
 +Make offerings (to women) and never abuse  them;
 +Reject sitting in union with an unqualified (consort);
 +While in union, never be parted from the view (of Voidness);
 +Relentlessly aspire to the path of (transforming) attachment;
 +Never forsake the two kinds of mudra;
 +Strive mainly for the outer and inner methods; ​
 +Never release seminal fluid;
 +Remain chaste in my behavior; ​
 +And abandon repulsion when tasting Bodhicitta.
 +B11 I shall never transgress, even in my dreams, ​
 + The most minor rule of the pure moral trainings ​
 + Of the Pratimoksha,​ Bodhicitta and Vajrayana vows. 
 + I shall practice according to the Buddhas'​ words.
 +B12 As Buddha intended, I shall uphold
 + The complete sacred Dharma of insight and scriptures
 + As gathered together in the three types of vehicle and four tantric classes.
 + I shall liberate all beings by whichever means is suited to each.
 +C1 Through the force of white merit from this (virtuous act), 
 + And by the (compassionate) power of Vajradhara throughout all my lives, ​
 + May I never transgress any vows I have taken. ​
 + May I complete the stages of the twofold path.
 +C2 In brief, may I be born in [[Shambhala]],​ the Great Jewel Treasury,
 + And complete there the stages of the peerless path 
 + In as quick a time as the amount of white merit I have gathered from this virtuous practice.
 +C3 Throughout all my lives may I never be parted from perfect Gurus.
 + By making good use of the glorious Dharma
 + To fulfill the good features of the stages and paths,
 + May I quickly achieve [[Vajradhara]] Enlightenment.
 +Each morning and evening recite as follows:
 +Al (3x), A2 3, A4 (3x), A5 14; 
 +Al 6, A8, A10 14; 
 +¬Al 6, A8, A10 14; 
 +B1 12; 
 +B2 4, B11 12; 
 +B2 4, B11 12; 
 +C1 3.
 +Translated by [[wp>​Sharpa Tulku]] and [[Alexander Berzin]]. Lightly edited for this book by Ani Tenzin Namdrol.
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