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 ==CRT== ==CRT==
-{{wp>CRT}}+'''​CRT'''​ may refer to: 
 +* [[wp>​CRT ​(genetics)]],​ a gene cluster 
 +* [[wp>​Calreticulin]],​ a protein 
 +* [[Capillary refill]] time, the rate at which [[blood]] refills empty [[capillaries]] 
 +* [[wp>​Cognitive Retention Therapy]], a [[dementia]] treatment 
 +* [[wp>​Cardiac resynchronization therapy]], a treatment for [[heart failure]] 
 +** CRT-D, an [[implanted cardiac resynchronization device]] 
 +* [[wp>​Corneal Refractive Therapy]], in optometrics 
 +* [[wp>​Certified Respiratory Therapist]],​ a respiratory therapist who works under the direction of Registered respiratory therapists and Physicians 
 +* [[Chemo-radiotherapy]] - a combination of [[chemotherapy]] and [[radiotherapy]] e.g. to treat [[cancer]]. 
 +* [[wp>​Cathode ray tube]], a type of vacuum tube used for information displays (monitors or TVs) or oscilloscopes 
 +* [[wp>​Computer monitor]] – acronym for a screen using '''​C'''​athode '''​R'''​ay '''​T'''​ube technology, especially pre-LCD 
 +* [[Crisis response team]], an [[emergency response]] team 
 +==Other uses== 
 +* [[wp>​Cognitive Reflection Test]], a three-item intelligence test by [[Shane Frederick]] focused on testing how rational people are
 * [[CRT]]. [[capillary]] refill [[time]]. For example, "​[[capillary]] refill [[time]] is 3 [[second]]s."​ ([[0-8117-3306-8]]) * [[CRT]]. [[capillary]] refill [[time]]. For example, "​[[capillary]] refill [[time]] is 3 [[second]]s."​ ([[0-8117-3306-8]])
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