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 [[NOLS Wilderness Medicine]] by [[Tod Schimelpfenig]] [[NOLS Wilderness Medicine]] by [[Tod Schimelpfenig]]
-1. [[First aid]] in [[illness]] and [[injury]]. 2. [[Outdoor medical emergencies]].+[[First aid]] in [[illness]] and [[injury]]. 2. [[Outdoor medical emergencies]]. 
 +I. [[Schimelpfenig]],​ Tod, [[1954]]– . [[NOLS]] [[wilderness first aid]]. II. [[National Outdoor Leadership School]] ([[U.S.]]) III. [[Title]]. IV. [[Title]]: [[wilderness medicine]]. 
 ISBN-13: [[978-0-8117-3306-9]] ISBN-13: [[978-0-8117-3306-9]]
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